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Northern Suburbs Teacher Resource Facebook Group is a response to the sad closure of the Midland Resource Centre which many teachers (especially Primary) paid hommage to as a vital resource bank for all sorts of odds and ends.

The idea of the ‘NSTR group’ is to link teachers to resources. Perhaps you know someone in the printing industry who has some circle-cardboard shapes, jars of buttons, carpet squares? If they are happy to give them away for free. Post it here. Someone will want them and be happy to collect.

Obviously, this is currently a Perth-based ‘notice board’ for resources in the Northern-ish Suburbs (those who live or work in the North). Teacher’s in the Southern Suburbs might want to start their own page? Let me know so we can link our pages! I have sent invites to most teachers I know but please spread the word.


JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP HERE: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=151788124838509#!/group.php?gid=151788124838509



Perth Teachers looking for a guest speaker for your class or school? Want to run a FREE incursion? Need information on a possible EXCURSION?

SPEAKER BANK is designed for SPEAKERS and ORGANISATIONS to post their information in ONE spot. As the site grows we will transfer data to the blog and assign according to categories (eg. Free visiting speakers, Paid organisations, Speakers for Camps, Service Groups, etc.)

Find these NEW resources at:

WEBSITE: http://speakerbank.wordpress.com

FACEBOOK GROUP: http://www.facebook.com/pages/manage/#!/pages/WA-Speaker-Bank/149693098392287

Free Australian Curriculum “App” Released

How ‘geek’ are you?

Have you got the new Australian Curriculum ‘App’ on your phone/pad? All the latest data at your i-Finger-tips?

“No!!!” – “Well, you just ain’t hip!” – You know where to get it, just type in “Australian Curriculum” at the store.

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In my own educational experience, I was primarily mentored, inspired, encouraged and influenced by the staff within the community in which I worked. Obviously, this is a perfectly ‘normal’ arrangement. But… I have also noticed the ’Ah-Ha’ factor of having attended a Professional Development Day and having ’rubbed shoulders’ with our educational elders are some of the most inspirational moments a teacher can have – even if the PD itself was of little value.

It is these moments over coffee and a bland biscuit that we can discuss ideas, approaches, beliefs, strategies that encourage us to consider ‘other’ alternative systems or resources that we have not previously been exposed to. 

Visiting other schools to ‘observe best practise’ or questioning like-subject professionals is often only the domain of the school’s  core leadership team which can lead to teachers having access to a limited range of system and procedural resources. This lack of connection is not only the ‘fault’ of schools. Professional Teacher Journal and Subscription readerships are noticeably down; we can only hope that educators (both new and old) take their vocation seriously enough to be accessing online developmental information. The sad truth is that many (the majority?) do not.

I muse with a colleague often that, “Clearly my agenda is showing”. Believe me, I am under no illusion that the ‘WA Teacher’s Lounge’ will offer any kind of landmark in reshaping our mentorship of Perth educators, clearly it a small drop in the ‘participation’ bucket. But, it’s the many small contributions that start a trickle. I hope that it will generate a few relationships, contacts and meaningful conversation but my greater hope is that it may contribute to the greater pool of educational mentorship.

In short – The WA Teacher’s Lounge is a teacher group to connect and talk about current educational trends, topics, concerns, groups, tactics, strategies, management, political decisions and technologies. Grab a seat and share your ideas! Tell us about other links, projects and events that involve connecting WA educators.  If you have a post that you think others would find interesting, please send it to me and I will add it to this Blog Roll on your behalf.  Look forward to hearing from you!

WEBSITE: http://wateacherslounge.wordpress.com

FACEBOOK GROUP: http://www.facebook.com/pages/manage/#!/pages/WA-Teachers-Lounge/154210691257798

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